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Our Story

This is Darrell, Margo and Jacob from Flatlineyourbird Series Decoys
In 2001, I (Darrell) started making my own tail holders out of birch log to hold cured tails and beards for display on my wall. The following year I stuck an arrow in one to use as a turkey decoy during my hunts. This decoy was perfect as it moved with the wind and attracted turkeys every time!

As my hunts became very successful, I decided to continue using this type of decoy and even took it to another level by making what you now know as Jake’s Tail Holder! I made Jake’s Tail Holder more sturdy and reliable by building it with high-density polyurethane that has routered sections and grooves to accommodate for the tail and stake. Using material like this instead of birch log allows this turkey decoy to last many seasons!

Jake’s Tail Holder is a US Patent, US Registered Trademark, Made in the USA Product

Thanks from our family to yours,

Darrell, Margo and Jacob