Spring 2019 Turkey Season
Spring 2019 Turkey Season

Flatline Your Bird Series Decoys is a newly established company with the goal of providing innovative hunting products made in the U.S.A. that can’t be found anywhere else.

Our first product to hit the market is the dual-purpose Jake’s Tail Holder, which is a turkey decoy that will help any hunter find success in harvesting a gobbler. The turkeys go wild over Jake’s Tail Holder because of how the decoy moves so naturally with the breeze. Many hunters from the 2015 spring hunt have said that in all their years of turkey hunting they have never seen a turkey respond to a decoy so promptly like they do with Jake’s Tail Holder.

Not only does Jakes Tail Holder provide hunters with a terrific turkey decoy during hunts but it also serves as a wall-mount during the off season, showing-off your trophy tail.

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Take your family into the woods to enjoy God’s awesome creation and give Jake’s Tail Holder a try. We welcome your feedback, photos and videos!

Proverbs 12:27

Jake’s Tail Holder bringing in two Toms during the 2015 Youth Hunt. Congratulations to the Gross Family!

Waupaca, WI